Sephora & CVS Haul

You didn't think I'd make the pilgrimage overseas and not pick up any beauty bits, did you? Of course not. I made a trip to Sephora whilst in Vegas, and then couldn't resist a little peek into CVS in San Francisco. Most of the pieces I picked up were blogger inspired, so I'll give credit where credit's due and let you guys know who the enablers are!

In Sephora, I picked up Nails Inc's Porchester Square- the most lovely taupe-y nude shade that has a killer gel finish and lasts for a good week chip-free along with a rollerball version of Stella by Stella McCartney, a rose-threaded winner that fits the bill for a sophisticated but alluring perfume (both Anna inspired purchases). I bought another eponymous rollerball in the form of a Jimmy Choo fragrance, that smells so good- I can't even formulate words. Visit your local Boots or wherever you can get a free spritz and prepare yourself for scent-heaven.

At the miniature/travel to go section, I bought a small Living Proof Style Extender- Suzie has raved about this in the past so I had to see what all the fuss was about but it's yet to be used, a mini Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon- a.k.a the perfect vampy lip- perhaps not that summer appropriate but why not break the rules? Super matte. Super long lasting. Super. Check! Hourglass' infamous Veil Primer also made it into my basket, and the hype is pretty much justified. This primer smooths over any lumps and bumps leaving a satin-y sheen to the skin pre-make up application; my base stayed on without oxidising or looking shiny for hours, I came home after going out for the day and everything looked freshly applied- there was no cake in sight.

In CVS, I firstly saw Revlon's Just Bitten Kissables in new colours(!) so obviously, inspired by Estee, I had to pick up the shade 'Lovesick'. It's quite a bright almost fuchsia pink that easily performs on a segue between day and night looks- a pretty good one to have in the collection, the colour stays around for a while, feels quite moisturising without being sheer and the shade really packs a punch. After hearing Karima go on about it enough times, I plumped for Milani's Luminoso blush- I'm not a blush wearer (I haven't really found the perfect shade yet) but this peachy gold would work on any skin tone, just be careful not to apply too much! The inexpensive little blush pot comes with a mirror and a brush for those handy-dandy on the go applications, I can see why Karima is such a fan.

Also, after spending days out in the 35+ degree heat, my lips were sunburnt to the high hells and nothing would work (trust me, I bought so so so many lip products in a desperate attempt to sate the itching) until I stumbled upon some Aquaphor, which is basically just petrolatum. Applying a thick layer at night repaired my dry lips straight away, but I had to be careful to only get this on my lips, as petrolatum + facial skin = one big congested mess. To keep my lips hydrated during the day, I opted for a tub of Vaseline's Rosy Lips treatment, it's a pretty standard lip balm with a sheer pink-ish tint.

So that's pretty much it for the beauty bumf that I picked up in the US- I did however do a little (a lot) of clothes and accessories shopping in Vegas, so if you'd like a post on that then let me know in the comments below.


  1. I'm so jealous you've been to Sephora and CVS! I love the look of the Vaseline Rosy Lips and the Milani blush too.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. I'd definitely recommend it! Although I'm not a fan of Sephora in Europe, the range of things is nowhere near as good. Thanks lovely xx

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