My Hand Luggage Essentials

I'm not sure if I've rambled on about this quite enough yet(!) but I'm flying across the pond to LAX in June to spend a few weeks travelling around the western US coast with a group of strangers. Yup, crazy. I'm also heading off to Paris for a few days once I get back, so I'm getting my fair share of travel next month! Anyway, seeing as I've been thinking about some advanced packing, I thought I'd write up a post detailing what I'll be bringing in my hand luggage.. my.. essentials, if you will.

Kicking things off with the actual essentials- passport and travel documents. It's probably going to be a pretty big deal if you forget to bring those with you! I'm currently looking for some kind of case to contain everything within- if it's all in one place, there's less to remember. Another actual essential? Water and snacks (bought post-security, obv). Aeroplane food sucks, particularly for a fussy vegetarian such as yours truly. I'll be on the hunt for some popcorn, fruit, bread-based products and the like. You know the drill- comfort zone food. Water to stay hydrated, that's a given, but I always buy mine before I get on the plane to avoid highly-priced shots of San Pellegrino.

Next up, entertainment: anybody that can actually sit on a plane for however many hours (I'll be in the air for 11 and in the airport for a good few hours before and after) without having some kind of entertainment output.. well, I would applaud you but quite frankly, you're insane. To break up the incessant 'watching every movie on the flight' chore, I like to bring some kind of recreational book (sorry Sterne, deepest apologies, le Carré). This time around, the likely contender is Semple's 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette'. Along with that, I like to plug into my music so the good ol' iPod will be coming with me, along with my ever so slightly amazing- yet super cheap- headphones. Obviously, my phone is coming along for good measure, along with some kind of crossword book and trashy gossip mag.

On the beauty side of things, I'm planning to go makeup free to the airport, layer up on the moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm and hand cream before boarding and also once or twice throughout the flight. Aeroplanes recirculate air within the cabin due to the.. unavailability of fresh sources (try explaining to my younger sister that you just can't open the windows!), meaning that your skin dries out and makeup will just go gross and patchy and horrible anyway- not a good look. If I end up wearing makeup to the airport then I'll bring some face wipes for the flight- remember the three F's!- and some decanted toner to keep things nice and cleansed before going forth with my hydrating quartet as before. Another good thing to have with you is some kind of antibacterial wipes/hand sanitizer (I'm using one from Dr. Bronner that smells all lavender-esque and lovely). I will be bringing a light foundation or tinted moisturiser along with some concealer to induce this kind of self-confidence boost.

If you're a nervous flyer, like I am, you'll want to have a relaxing scent around you (especially with the amalgamation of aeroplane food odours.. ew), so I like to bring This Works Stress Less rollerball to soothe my mind and calm me down. You might also want to bring with you travel sickness tablets to settle your nerves/stomach, some chewing gum to distract you and keep you feeling fresh and a rollerball perfume to keep you smelling equally fresh. I'll also be bringing a neck pillow to keep neck slumps at bay and some ultra fluffy socks to keep comfort levels at a high.

So that's my hand luggage sorted! I haven't decided what bag I'll be taking yet but as long as it's something sturdy with a zip of some kind- that's all I need. If I've missed anything out then please let me know below, and also, if you want to see any more travel related posts then leave a comment and I'll be sure to get around to it!


  1. This post is going to be quite handy!
    I'm thinking about travelling to my friends house next year ir ti visit other friend in France :3
    Take care*

    1. Always happy to help! Sounds like an excellent trip, if you end up going then have a lovely time xx

  2. Where'd you go Bernadette is such a good book! I loved it though I was just not into the ending. Let me know how you like it when you finish it!

    Allison from

    1. Ahh I wasn't a massive fan. It was a very easy read but I didn't really feel as though there was much substance throughout the entire book, and totally agree with you about the ending just being so disappointing! xx