Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

Can I just take a moment to point out the obvious? I have repurchased this. It's that good (and I very rarely repurchase moisturisers, so you know it's got a little something-something). Actually, when I first tried this, I wasn't blown away at all- I really hated the scent, found it really difficult to smooth onto my skin and I also didn't really see much in the way of results, and just as I began questioning whether this would be yet another moisturiser to throw onto the 'meh' pile, I found this little pot of gold to actually work really well.

I discovered that I had been using way too much, and that you really only need a small pea-sized amount to work into the skin- I've been adding a couple of drops of rosehip oil to give it a little more slip on days that my skin is particularly dehydrated and tight. This is a heavy cream, but I really enjoy that aspect as I can apply a reasonable layer in the evening post-cleanse, and in the morning my skin just feels so much plumper and healthier.

Since developing(? read: being cursed with) frustrating angry blemishes all over my jawline/chin (for the past few days my chin has felt like one huuuge cystic breakout), that entire area has felt really tight and very tender to move- smiling is torture right now so I've got a case of CBF*- but using this has really eased things up quite a lot, and it's also been fantastic at handling dry patches, so that deserves a bonus thumbs up. I've even grown to love the orange scent, and that's saying something!

If you fancy getting your mitts on this, then it's £34 from Origins- you might as well buy it direct, free delivery and a bunch of samples n'all- it may seem a little pricey but I promise it's completely worth it as you literally need the tiniest amount.

Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?

*CBF: Chronic Bitch Face

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