The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil- that's the proper organic, raw, virgin, non-GM, cold-processed sort of course- is one of the strangest things I own, beauty-wise. The oil is hard and white at room temperature, but turns into an actual clear oil once melted, no microwaves needed, just the magic of hand warmth.

The main reason why I wanted to try coconut oil is for the hair benefits; using this one the ends of your hair pre-shower gives an extra nourishing boost post-rinse.. not unlike that of Philip Kingsley's beloved Elasticizer, so I was massively sold on that point alone. After a quick check online, I discovered the many wonders of coconut oil, and naturally gave them all a go. As a moisturiser, I'll throw this on any dry patches of skin, making sure it's really rubbed it quite well (for any massage lovers out there- and let's face it who isn't?- this is a little pot of heaven) and I'll wake up in the morning with baby soft, smooth skin. Mmm. I've even been known to apply a smidge of this to my cheeks when they start to feel a bit chapped, so it's a multi-use moisturiser really. Oils are also always going to be pretty good at removing eye makeup- I usually turn to my trusty Clinique TTDO balm for this but when time is short (read: bedtime laziness sets in), a teensy bit of this warmed up between the fingers and smoothed over the eyes will de-slap your eyes in a jiffy.

Mix a spoonful of the stuff into your bath for a gorgeous coconut-scented soak as it works nicely as a bath oil, or use it as a cuticle oil, leave it on for ten minutes or so as a hydrating mask, or just as a general facial moisturiser- it's a bit too heavy for my personal tastes but I've heard that it's supposed to be good stuff for a bunch of facial issues, helping everything from acne to eczema. Oh, and it's obvious use is for cooking. But I'm definitely not up to culinary scratch so elaborating on that one is out of the question, there are instructions on the tin if you want to go there.

Do you know of any other uses for coconut oil?


  1. I love coconut oil! I use it about once a week for a hair mask

  2. Coconut oil is amazing :) lovely post!

    xoxo, Aman (twitter: beauteachic)

  3. Coconut oil is amazing, I'm so glad to hear someone elses view on this! x

  4. I love coconut oil, I lobe the balm too, as it melts so smoothly in your hands and sinks in really quickly, the smell is heavenly as well!

    Ineffable Beauty

  5. I've never used coconut oil for hair protection, but definitely want to try after hearing your thoughts :)

    Joyce @

  6. i've used it for my hair, but never tried it as a makeup remover!

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