The Brow Kit

There are two things I don't feel comfortable leaving the house without- my lipstick and my brows. Evidently it's difficult to leave my actual eyebrows at home, but I don't feel as though any look's complete without a set of combed through, filled in brows, so without further ado, here's my daily checklist for keeping the affectionately known 'slugs' in place:

The Comb Through

Many people use a spoolie to comb through their brows, but I prefer a standard eyebrow comb for two reasons. Finding a spoolie is absolutely impossible, and my brows are quite structured as it is so I don't really have to play about with the shape of them too much. I'm currently using the comb/lid of a cheap Rimmel brow pencil (mini review: the pencil was way too hard for my brows and the shade is too terracotta-y despite being 'Dark Brown') and it's treating me just fine- a quick whiz through with that is all they need.

The Fill-In

For ages, I've been using my Avon palette in 'Tiger's Eye' to fill in my brows- I'll mix the bottom two shades for a more dramatic look or simply just brush through the lighter brown shade. These two are the perfect brow shade for me, totally matte, pigmented enough to last all day and not fall down and lean to cooler undertones so there's no hint of red around. Unfortunately the palette was limited edition and I can only find it on eBay (here) which sucks as it also contains a perfect inner corner highlight-esque shade but MAC favourites 'Omega' and 'Charcoal Brown' are excellent dupes for the browns. I fill mine in using a small angled brush from an old birthday gift- the name has worn off, sorry for the lack of availability again- you can find these pretty much anywhere, the MAC 266 is similar but slightly smaller so better for finer, more precise strokes.

The Upkeep

It's not part of my daily routine but to keep my brows in check and ensure there aren't any strays, I like to tweeze them with my Tweezerman tweezers (record amount of 'tweezer' mentions right there), it's all pretty standard stuff, but I always make sure to only tweeze beneath the brows, never above. My mum plucked her brows to a fine line that she promises me was on trend in the '80s but her eyebrows never grew back to their original thickness so I'm super wary of that now.

As I said before, my brows are fairly good at holding their shape so I don't really need to use a brow gel for anybody wondering why I've left them out. I've tried out a couple and they just don't really seem to do much except streak my brows with white flecks and leave them feeling pretty crunchy- it's not pretty. Anyway, despite lusting hard after the Hourglass Arch (I neeed it!) that's my brow kit.

What's yours?


  1. I have been really loving reading your blog lately! Therefore, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog:

    x Suzy

    1. Aww thanks girl, I'll think about it- loved reading yours! xxx