I've been enabled...


Lately, I can't get enough of Suzie's blog and videos, and after discovering that we have a similar skin type and reading her rave review, I just had to pick up Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I'm not totally sold on it just yet; it's a fragrance-free, sensitive skin certified balm that turns into the most luxurious silky oil when massaged into the skin. True, it does leave my face feeling totally nourished and I completely get why it's awesome, but it does leave a slightly oily residue on my face whenever I use it that I'm not 100% sure on yet- but as it is intended for the first cleanse... I couldn't resist this next one. Another Suzie inspired purchase was Una Brennan Super Facialist Purifying Cleansing Wash, a thick non foaming, non-sulfates gel that smells divine (it reminds me of a eucalyptus spa room) and is ridiculously affordable, cashing in at around a tenner. It's early days with these cleansers but I have a feeling they'll be a pretty good duo.

What would an 'enabled' post be without a VDM-influenced buy? Bourjois Happy Light Foundation is everything that I would want in a non-cakey light coverage foundation that lasts for a while and has a pretty natural finish. Now, the shade range truly does suck but hopefully Bourjois will realise the demand and delve into the depths of darkness(? Will you do that Bourjois? Will you?!), but I'm finding the shade 50 to be a relatively okay match for me. Anyway, it's a good'un and that's a fact.

So I now have lots of cleansers on rotation, yet another Bourjois base and an eager eye for more recommendations.. Have my enabled purchases further enabled any of you?


  1. I love the Clinique cleansing balm! I use it as a first wash, but I never have an oily residue afterwards, and I follow it up with the Ren Clear Calm 3 cleanser!


    1. Ahhh I think I was probably using a tad too much! And I so need that cleanser, I've just used up a couple of samples with it but my skin could definitely do with a full sized purchase xxx