Origins Drink-Up Intensive

I've been on a mission to procure some souped up hydration over the past few months (particularly with cooler seasons on their way). Introducing: Origins Drink Up Intensive- the overnight moisture mask renowned in the blogosphere for its plumping, smoothing and thirst-quenching abilities. This is a relatively new purchase for me, but I'm several weeks in and loving it already. 

I like to slather this all over my skin in the place of my evening moisturiser a few nights a week (and that's with some restraint, I'd use this everyday if it were slightly more economical), go to sleep, and wake up with the most satiated skin. When I apply my makeup the next day, it just glides on and looks so much better than usual- I can't even, this has just become a must-have mask for me and I completely understand why everybody sings its praises. The only thing I don't like about this is the scent, apricots are just not my thaaaang but that said, the benefits massively outweight the teeny tiny negative.

I had been planning to buy it for years but none of my local department stores/Boots stocked it so I never got around to it, but with my face looking more drawn and dull after long, tiring days galore, this has been a true life saver and I'll repurchase indefinitely. You can buy it from here for £22 (100ml) or £11 (50ml)- I'd probably go for the latter if you're dubious, it lasts for ages anyway .

Have you tried this Origins offering? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


  1. I didn't know you could get it in two sizes! I think I'd be much more likely now to try the 50ml one :) x

    1. It's a new thing they've introduced I think, definitely try it out! x