Beauty Haul: First Impressions

Hi guys, I'm hurriedly writing this before I plan my tutoring lesson so if it sounds a little clunky, please bear with me! I've been feeling a little bit spendy-spendy lately so with credit card in one hand and laptop in the other, a beauty haul happened (sorry not sorry), so I thought I'd share with you all my first impressions of what I bought..

 1. Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Blush'

I'm not really one for dry shampoo anyway so it didn't surprise me that I haven't been won over by this yet.. I just feel like it's not doing much for my hair. On the plus side, I haven't found this to be powdery or leave any residue on the hair at all, just make sure you massage it in! Scent-wise, it's alright.. a little too floral for my tastes.

2. L'Oréal EverSleek Smoothing and Intensely Nourishing Shampoo

I actually used a sample of this a few weeks back and was so intrigued that I had to get the full size version. It claims to be sulphate free, evidently a bonus, and works up into a really good lather which is slightly surprising. I've not used this enough to go into detail just yet so keep your eyes peeled for a review in the future. Oh, and this smells so so good by the way- it reminds me of lychee and coconut.

3. Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer Light Matte

I went out the other night with friends and my legs were just looking so incredibly pale, particularly compared to my face which has a slight tan to it at the moment- fortunately my friend saved the day by whipping this out and I've been fascinated ever since. It comes out of the tube a very dark brown gel type consistency and leaves the nicest sheen to the legs.. I've found that instant tanners are the only way to get my very pale legs a decent hint of colour without looking too tanned (I'm looking at you here gradual tanners).. It lasts until you wash it off and removes so easily without leaving any dodgy streaks- bonus!

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Yeeeees I'm late to the party again, sue me- well, when I say late.. I've actually been very happy with my current foundation brush but I thought I'd venture into the world of RT brushes.. this being my first purchase. So far, it's good stuff. The brush is soft (it's much smaller than I thought it'd be somehow but it works) and it applies foundation well. I'll do a more in-depth review when I've actually used this for a while.

5. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser

I don't really have much to say about this, I just wanted a temporary body moisturiser whilst I'm looking for a better one; it smells pretty nice though, not too rich- it actually smells quite fresh without being overpowering, think: a toned down version of Palmers Cocoa Butter.

6. Soap and Glory Supercat Liner

Loving this right now and I'm not even an eyeliner kind of gal; all of my liquid liners have either dried up in pen format, flaked off, smudged, just looked pretty awful but this is the exception to the rule. It apparently do any of the aforementioned bad things- it is so ridiculously fool-proof simple to apply and is super long-lasting- definite recommend.

7. Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly 'Passion Fruit'

I've not actually painted my nails with this yet but I am loving the summer-into-winter, day-into-evening colour so so much (NB: it's true to colour in the first photo), and I've heard some pretty glorious things about these polishes in particular, can't wait to give it a whirl!

8. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick 'Fraise Remix

This lipstick is seriously bright; it's almost neon pink! The formula is nothing special, it's not long lasting, applies evenly and is opaque in one swipe- the colour isn't quite suitable for my uber-fair skintone and not-so-daring personality, BUT after applying this with a lighter hand and blotting, I'm a fan.

9. Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream '001'

I think I may have saved the most exciting until last. First thoughts are: not velvety or silk-like on my skin but still fairly easy to blend, the coverage is exactly what I expected; thinner than a foundation but a little thicker than a tinted moisturiser (i.e shows freckles but not redness), smells fresh, I originally thought it would be too pink toned for my skin but it seriously isn't at all, perhaps that's because I'm sporting a slight facial tan so it might not be so great in the winter, having said that it doesn't cling to dry patches, unsure whether it's worth the price tag-- those were my exact thoughts so excuse them being slightly fragmented.

Overall thoughts? I NEED A BIGGER MAKE UP BAG.

And that's about it! If anybody wants a particular review of any of the above, please comment in the box below and I'll get on the case ASAP..


  1. ahhh I'm lusting over the Dior BB creme, so jealous! :)

    1. I've got a post on that coming up in the next couple of weeks.. spoiler alert: I wasn't overly impressed! xx

  2. you are gona love the expert face brush! ITS AMAZING!!! x

    1. I've been using it ever since and it's official- I love it hehe. Will do a review soon xx

  3. Such a great little haul! I love that Rimmel fake tan, it's so easy to use xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Ah thank you! It really is so simple but I've found it's slightly too dark for me still, thankfully mixing it with a body lotion is perfect xx