Worldwide Wardrobe: Cocktails in NY

I've already posted my other outfit for the 'sightseeing in Paris' look of this competition, and I'm back with 'cocktails in New York'. Oh the temptation to add some Knicks merchandise to this outfit- die hard fan right here- thankfully, I resisted. I've never been to America, but I've always always yearned to go, and NY has been my dream place to go for a myriad of reasons; primarily the shops, the atmosphere, the scenery (and the Knicks).

The phrase 'cocktails in New York' just brings to mind a scene from The Great Gatsby, so I initially started looking for ideas for this outfit based around the '20s glamour of flapper dresses, and glittery embellishments-  (NB: virgoslounge is, in my opinion, one of the best places to achieve that kind of look); but after putting it all together it just didn't feel like something that would suit me, so I scrapped the idea completely and decided to inject a little 21st century into the idea, and instead opted for a modern/chic (hopefully) version.

Who said that cocktails always require cocktail dresses? New York is such a fashion-forward city, I think it can handle a slightly more adventurous outift; so I've decided to really emphasise the green and blue tones in the atzec blouse and lime bag by keeping the rest of the outfit neutral, understated and black. Although I don't think cocktail dresses are a necessity, I hardly ever go for a drink without my trusty heels so I couldn't resist adding these platform beauties- structured enough to prevent any embarrassing trips, but high enough to enable you to scout through the crowd for a Mr Big to your Carrie (SATC anyone?). Paired with the heels are a standard pair of disco pants, but such a steal at only £30- a great dupe for the American Apparel ones. There's quite a lot going on with the crazy print on the top so I didn't want to add too much bling; a flash of this simple ring provides just enough sparkle to draw the eye without being too 'in-your-face'. Finally, I felt like adding a blazer really makes the outfit so much more sophisticated and wearable and voila, finishing touches complete! - now all I need is my passport and a boarding pass.

For those of you who haven't heard of this competition, be sure to click on the link below but basically Travel Supermarket have challenged people to come up with outfits for five different occasions in five different places- Thailand, London, New York, Ibiza and Paris. The outfits and accessories need to total £200 or under, and the prize is a trip to the destination of the outfit plus £200 to buy the outfit- sounds too good to be true, right? There's still enough time left to get up a few outfits so be sure to check out here to be in with a chance of winning!