Daily Dose of Bloggers: Who I'm Reading

Just a quick post today, but hopefully one that presents an opportunity for discovery! I'll be a little bit AWOL over the coming weeks with all sorts of revision, exams, meetings, re-watching the whole Gossip Girl series etc, but I have plenty of goodies planned for here and there. For now, enjoy this little list I've prepared* (inspired by this post):



Lifestyle and Food

Vloggers (all of which are beauty bloggers too):

Fleur De Force --- Lily Pebbles --- Vivianna Does Makeup --- Essie Button (Estée) --- Amelia Liana --- Zoella --- Tanya Burr --- Lips So Facto (Meg) --- Ghostparties (Kate) --- I Covet Thee (Alix) --- Hello October --- A Model Recommends

Get comfortable and read/watch away.. after my exams are over, I have a seventy week summer (oh the joys of a gap year) so after this final push, expect much more regular posting!

*these are just my favourites at the moment, they do chop and change as I do read a ridiculously excessive selection of blogs.. seriously, way too many. 


  1. Aw thank you for including me in this post :) x

  2. Ah lovely post hun! This is a fab way for discovering new blogs, I am going to check the ones I don't know now! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it; that's exactly what it's here for! xx