Disappointing Products #1

The products on this post I actually picked up after hearing such rave reviews from some of my favourite bloggers/recommendations from friends, and I've been left feeling so disappointed by them!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99

                       'Wake Me Up' Foundation swatched then blended underneath
(to the best of my pale-skinned abilities)

Firstly, I know that this is a really popular drugstore foundation (there's definitely no disputing that!) but this has just not proved its worth with me, along with every other Rimmel foundation... I bought this in the LIGHTEST shade, Ivory, which is actually darker than any other foundation I've ever bought (seriously, Rimmel, have you ever seen an elephant walking around with Tango-coloured tusks?!). Ivory is a 'not quite white but almost there' colour and it's so disappointing that most brands don't seem to realise this :( :( :( 

Other than the awful colouring, it's not a terrible foundation- if anything, it's the best one Rimmel have ever produced. It blended fairly easily and has quite a nice fragrance. It's definitely medium coverage and I agree it does give a glow, but that might just be because it was bright orange on my face (I would include a photo but it is actually embarrassing). So although I'm very disillusioned by this foundation, I didn't want to waste it completely so on nights out and days when I've had extra time, I've been experimenting with using this as a contouring foundation. I absolutely despise all bronzers because none are the right colour for my skin and I'm  just not a fan of anything powdery, so I like to sweep the teeniest touch of this on either side of my nose, under my cheekbones and around the temples and it works quite well as long as it's thoroughly blended. Every cloud, right?

Bior√© Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips £7.99

These are also incredibly popular so maybe they just aren't suited for my skin or something. I followed all of the instructions to the letter, waited for fifteen minutes, tore the strips off and there was nothing on them, no sign of any impurities that had been removed, just nothing. Maybe I didn't have any impurities in my skin but I really was expecting a little bit more from these, however I might persevere and try another just to ensure it wasn't a blip.

Collection 2000 Longer Lash Lengthening Mascara £2.99

Okay, I appreciate that Collection 2000 is a bit on the cheap side but I don't even think that is a reasonable excuse for this shoddy product. Firstly, the brush is the weirdest one I've ever seen. It is absolutely covered in these little hairs which are apparently the fibres that cling to your lashes in order to lengthen them but when I first opened this up on my way back from the shop, I almost went back and demanded a refund because it looked used! Apart from that, the claims to lengthen lashes are totally void, it just doesn't really do anything. Once it's on it doesn't look like there's anything on the lashes, and after one coat it just goes totally clumpy. Not a happy bunny.

I might update this with a few more products but for now that's it, these are my wooden spoon winners of the month.

Hope you enjoyed the read, any questions or comments just let me know in the box below!


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  2. I really like your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster award ♥


    1. Thank you so much, I'll definitely get around to it at some point :) x

  3. Such a shame, I like the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation however I must admit they are a tad orange!


    1. Such a shame, the True Match ones are a much better match for paler skin tones but I'm not a massive fan of the formula/coverage x

  4. I tried the wake me up foundation and really wasn't a fan but I am loving the wake me up concealer at the moment it has great coverage.



    1. I've heard great things about the concealer and, ever the optimist, tried it out but the colour was still way too dark! Glad it's working for you though :)